I’m Lauren…a lover of travel, animals, history and all things beauty related
– especially makeup & hair!
My makeup passion began at the age of 6 when I remember being bought the Tinkerbell children’s lipsticks and peel of nail varnish from Avon (anyone else remember those?)!… I used to use my mum’s makeup in secret growing up, and I’d do ‘makeovers’ on my best friend using her one eyeshadow palette and Rimmel lipstick! Little did I know back then that I’d one day have the honour of doing her
Wedding day Makeup.
Being told off in school for trying to get away with a bit of lip gloss and mascara… to then many years later becoming cabin crew and having to perfect my skills on a daily basis and watching numerous youtube makeup tutorials for hours,
and learning about skincare and skin prep!

My journey is one I have always loved and had such passion for, and I will continue to build, learn and grow in this field, and always strive to make everyone one of you feel nothing less than amazing!

I am committed to invest in you…to listen to your visions
and work with your own personal style.

There is something so powerful about the confidence
that makeup can give us…
during my flying career i’ve always said…
“If I’m wearing red lipstick…I can handle anything!”
I even wore it on my wedding day! It’s when I feel my most confident
and has become my signature look!

I really look forward to hearing from you!